Maize Photography As of fall 2016, we’ve had a studio for 44 years. We downsized to partly retired 5 years or so ago. It is now time to go from largely retired to 99.9% closed.

I no longer do any photography outside of the studio. I still do some physically easy things such as copy and restoration work and professional portraits. I am also doing reprints from recent files and will be working on “gonna do it someday” projects for a while.

If you are looking for equipment, I will be getting excess lighting, film cameras, and some backgrounds out of storage in the spring of 2017. Send email to the address below if you want to be notified when I’m selling.

The studio phone listed above will be disconnected in late 2016. I apologize for the inconvenience but after 40+ years with the same number, there are way more calls from folks telling me they need to “fix” my PC or claiming to be IRS agents than from real people. The best way to contact us is by email using rmaize (at) maizephotography (dot) com. If you include your phone number, I will call you rather than typing.

It has been a pleasure working in the Indiana area over the decades. We thank our customers and all of you who helped make our business a success.

Fred and Sue